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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Just Before It Rains

* June 30, 2005 entry in Journal Writing notebook

water vapour - water that stay in the air
surface - top of some thing
anxiously - worriedly
afar - far away


1. What is the little rabbit doing on the slope of a mountain? picking wild flowers
2. Why can't the bugs fly just before it rains? because there (their) wing will get wet
3. What do fish want on the surface of the water? oxygen or wind
4. What are ants moving to a higher place? because ther (their) home will get wet and the ants will get wet and they will die
5. What does little rabbit ask her mother to do? Bring in the paddy

The story is about the rain and about a swallow flying low(,) ants moving a home(,) fish going to the surface.
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